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Pancake Bunny falls apart

I have used Pancake Bunny in the past and I have owned a Bunny coin or two.  Who would have expected the coin to collapse in value and get sort of hacked.  I guess technically it wasn't a hack but it was still bad for anyone holding Bunny Token.  As I last checked, Bunny was down about 90%.  I think it might be a good time to reenter but I don't trust it yet.  

We do trust Binance and Pancake so for now, that's where we will be focusing most of our attention.  Maybe we will also watch Safemoon and Shiba Inu but we won't tell anyone.

It is a couple of weeks later and Pancake Bunny has still not recovered all of the value that it lost.  In addition Belt Finance and Value Defi have also been victims of liquidity hacks.  This is going to be a very dangerous time for Defi.  Make sure you trust the right coins and the right Defi.

If its not the right time for you to do Defi, you can also buy one of our Bitcoin wallets and just Hold Bitcoin or one of the more mainstream coins.  We have many wallets and many ways to keep your crypto safe from hacks and Defi liquidity hacks.

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