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Ozzy Osbourne Cryptobats take OpenSea by Storm

Cryptobats is a brand new NFT that was minted a few days ago.  From my quick review it looks like it was minted on 1/19/2022.  As some of you know, Ozzy Osbourne supposedly bit the head of a bat onstage.  Instead of denying the rumor, Ozzy and Sharon are embracing it by creating an NFT collection of cute little bats.

Cryptobats by Ozzy Osbourne

The bats are selling for a minimum of 1.1 Eth right now on Opensea.  Gas is about $85 USD.  The thing that makes this NFT collection special (besides the fact that it is sponsored by one of the most successful rock and roll stars) is that it can bite an NFT in your wallet and create a new Mutant bat NFT based.  The bat can only bite certain NFTs like Bored Ape and some of the other big ones.  Maybe they will add more.  I am going to refer to a bat pre biting an NFT as a virgin.  I wonder how you can tell if the NFT is a virgin or if its already bitten an NFT.  In theory you could check the blockchain record but most people don't know how to do that.

I think this collection is going to be very successful.  There is a rock star, there are bats,  there is biting, there are mutants, there are new NFTs going to be minted.  Oh, and there is even a worldwide scavenger hunt being setup.

Ozzy and Sharon are worth close to half a billion dollars.  Sharon is obviously a genius at business and Ozzy is most certainly a musical genius.  I have seen him live a few times.  The last time I saw him, he had trouble moving around but his singing was perfect and he jumped up and down the entire time.  It was amazing.  If a bored Ape is worth 93 Eth, I am pretty sure that an Ozzy bat will be worth more than 1.1 Eth in a few weeks.

Disclaimer that we own some bats and we can't wait to bite some Apes.

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