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Only six cryptocurrencies from the top 100 profit this 2022 (bitcoin is not one of them).

The cryptocurrency market usually dances to the beat imposed by bitcoin (BTC). But even though the main currency of this ecosystem is in the red so far in 2022, some top 100 cryptocurrencies stand out with green numbers. They are few, mind you. There are only six altcoins with gains this year, while BTC is almost 10% below the market value with which it started this 2022. And none of them are among the top or most recognized by investors or enthusiasts.

UNUS SED LEO (LEO) stands out on the list. The token on the U.S. exchange Bitfinex has gained just over 50% in price this Thursday, February 17. After starting the year at around $3.77 per unit, the token is trading on the exchanges for about $5.76 at writing. The asset has presumably been boosted by recent news of the seizure of nearly 100,000 BTC stolen during a hack the platform suffered in 2016.

The other coins are even less well-known: Secret (SCRT), Theta Fuel (TFUEL), or BORA, for example. However, it is striking that, like LEO, the other two remaining assets are related to exchanges: one is the token of the derivatives platform FTX, up more than 14%; and HT, the receipt of the Asian sale Huobi (just over 5%).

Bitcoin has the market in the red: Shiba Inu, ether, AXS are not spared.

According to their market capitalization, of those top 100 cryptocurrencies, not even Shiba Inu is saved, despite being dragging an appreciation of more than 300,000% since last year, as reported in CryptoNews. Nor has the AXS token of the Axie Infinity game done well (35% depreciation since January) Ethereum's cryptocurrency, ether (ETH), with about 19% down. One of the latter's main competitors, Solana (SOL), has lost 44% of its value.

The market news for the leading altcoins again highlights the impact of bitcoin's behavior on the other cryptocurrencies: with bitcoin in the red, most are in the red. Therefore, the expectation for all investors is that BTC will again drive the market higher, as is often the case with its bull runs. Certain behaviors make this look like a close possibility, although the $45,000 resistance has been planted firmly in its path.fuerza en su camino.

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