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New theory on crypto for me

In the end, all of the coins will do the same things.  The winning coins will have the best marketing and easiest access.

Does GM make the best car?
Is Coke the tastiest healthiest beverage?
Is Disneyworld really the happiest place on Earth?

The most successful brands in the world have awesome marketing.  Safemoon has awesome marketing.  Shiba has awesome marketing. Doge has awesome marketing.  In the end it will matter which coin Kim Kardashian supports and which coin her sisters support.  Ethereum Max can probably become a legitimate coin just by paying celebrities to tweet.  It looks like a clone of Safemars except it distributes 3% back to the owners.  It appears to be an ERC-20 token and did 10 million dollars in transactions today.  It is not clear how many token exist or can exist.  All that is clear is that Ethereum Max understands how humans work and if they play their cards right, have a very good chance of become a billion dollar market cap.  If they are super smart they paid Kim off in Ethereum Max and their successes can be tied.  If Kim can get the coin to the moon she gets richer and the Ethereum Max people will get rich too, if not already.

All of the various blockchains do most of the same things.  They allow you to record transactions and create smart contracts.  Eventually one of the chains will invent something else and all of the others will copy.  In the end, why should I use Polygon or Smart Chain or Ethereum.  In the end I think it will come down to advertising.

I discovered Defi on my own because my curiosity led me to discover the Coinbase wallet and transfer some Ethereum from Coinbase Pro.  I discovered 50 different ways to earn a buck in defi and I settled on Cake Staking and I haven't found anything better.  I am looking but I am not looking that hard.  There could be some awesome way to make money on Heco chain or Kuchain or any of the other chains and I wouldn't know.

I tried lots of ways on Ethereum to make money and the only thing that worked was holding the right token.  I tried to make money many different ways on Smart Chain and the only thing that has been consistent is trying to collect more and more Cake coins.

If Cake put a percentage of their burn and used it for advertising and instruction on how to use the bridge they could get so much money.

Where are the advertorials?  Where are the thousands of websites on crypto.  Crypto is legal tender in Japan an El Salvador except it is still a dirty word with banks and credit cards.

Back to my theory.  Whichever coin does everything and advertises with a good portion of their funds will win.  Long term, Bitcoin will not be the dominant coin unless it starts to advertise.

I would say right now the ones to watch in Crypto are Ledger and Pancake Swap.  Paraswap and Ledger is a match made in heaven.

To expand upon this theory if eventually currency will be left to the best marketing does that mean that eventually Apple Coin and Google Coin and Coca Cola coin will eventually win.  I mean what is Coke but sugar water and they make a trillion dollars.  Why can't they make a token?

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