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Moving from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy

I have used an iPhone since the iPhone 3 came out about decade ago.  I went from a Palm Tree to an iPhone with a brief couple of months using a Blackberry.  About 13 years ago, it was hard to get a good international data plan so I used a blackberry while I was traveling through SE Asia.  I was able to get unlimited data at Edge speed.

There have always been so many reasons to stay with an iPhone and not try an Android phone.  At first there weren't as many apps.  Then it wasn't as secure.  Now the only thing I can't do on an Android phone is iMessage and FaceTime.  FaceTime can be solved by using Google Duo but its not as easy as FaceTime and requires you to download and setup an app and you need a Google account.

My movies were all tied to Apple but now I can watch Apple on other devices.  I used to have my music in Apple Lossless format and backed up to Apple.  All of my pictures from the last 13 years are nicely organized on my iPhone and in order for me to actually switch to a Galaxy for every day use I will need to figure out how to move the phone library and since I have shared libraries with people on other apple devices, it doesn't look likely.

I guess when it comes down to it, the most sticky feature of apple for me is the access to my pictures from the last decade and knowing that they are backed up in the cloud.

I love my new Samsung as a backup phone and as an expensive Trust Wallet device but without access to my pictures, I can't switch.  I like to look at the map and see where I have been.  I like to look at my selfies and remember what I was doing.  I am sure I could switch them over but I have over 100,000 pictures and I have no idea how to migrate them and not have it fuck up because of the size.  I have tried backup up to Dropbox and that hasn't worked because it times out.

Right now I know that everything is backed up in the could and I can take my time trying to come up with a better solution.  The nice thing about my new Galaxy is that it doesn't backup to the could.  It doesn't share data with anyone.  I uses a VPN and has a kill switch.

Somehow even with my VPN, the phone is smart enough to know that I am in Phoenix and show me the weather.  I am trying to figure out the settings to make a phone as safe as possible to be used as a hardware wallet.  If you keep the wifi off and take out the SIM card, it ends up being offline.

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