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Most undervalued NFT Project of all time is Pancake Bunnies

Pancake Bunny NFTs are undervalued and ready to be flippedPancake Bunny NFTs from Pancake Swap are the most underrated NFTs right now.  They are harder to purchase than cryto punks or Bored Ape, but they have a much better chance of going 20x than NFTs on Ethereum.

The third biggest coin by market cap is Binance Coin.  At the time of this article Binance coin was worth about 80 billion dollars.  The Binance coin has a lot of utility.  You can use it for your trading fees when you trade with Binance's centralized exchange.  If you hold the coin, your fees are reduced.  You can also hold the coin and stake it for a compettive yield on your money.  That is like earning interent.  You can use the coin to get Binance Smart Chain tokens so that you can have the native currency to use the Binance Defi system.  Like I said, there are a whole lot of ways to use the Binance Coin.  When it comes to NFTs, the most popular ones like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punks, Clone X and Mutant Ape are all on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum is expensive and moving those NFTs around is big money.  There is another way to move NFTs around and that is using the Binance Smart Chain.  You can mint an NFT for a few cents and send it for a few more cents.  There are no dollars involved.  When I created a new wallet and needed to relocate my NFTs, I was able to move all of the Binance Smart Chain NFTs for a few bucks.  Moving the Ethereum ones cost me hundreds.

When it comes to NFT projects on Binance there is one project that stands out above all others and that is the Pancake Bunny Genesis 0 and Pancake Bunny NFTs.  Most people don't know how to buy them so the prices are still very low compared to NFTs on Ethereum.  You are not able to buy them at OpenSea.  You will need to use Binance Smart Chain and purchase them using BNB coin.

You will need a wallet like Trust wallet that can handle Binance as well as Ethereum.  There are a lot of steps for someone unfamilar with Smart Chain.  Fot those looking to create NFTs, Binance Smart Chain is a great platform to consider.  The prices are so much lower and the transactions move so much quicker.

(We are NFT holders and we have Pancake Bunny NFTs in our portfolio.)

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