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Monero and Secret Bridge is available on a Testnet

Secret Monero Bridge is LIVE!

I was planning to write an article talking about Monero and how the Colonial Pipeline thieves should have asked for Monero instead of Bitcoin but while doing some quick research on Monero I discovered something that appears to be a pretty big deal.

Secret Network has completed bridges with most major blockchains.  You can send your coins to the Secret Network and it will issue a privacy version of it.  It sounds very similar to the Incognito wallet which I have had some problems with.  I checked out the yields and they are less than Pancake Swap.  I am going to continue to put my faith in Binance Smart Chain for now.  I am still excited to explore the Huobi Eco Chain once I have a good hardware wallet or software wallet to use.

I think Huobi has billions of dollars to through at yields to attract people away from Eth and BNB.  I don't think Secret has that so their yields probably need to make more economic sense immediately.

It is my theory that projects run by Kucoin, Huobi, Gate, Binance, and maybe one day Coinbase will be the most willing to throw away yield money.

Autocake is still the best option but I think this is very bullish for Monero.  The FBI hack and the new Secret bridge.  Monero is at $255 right now.  I don't own any but I really like it at that price.  Monero is one of my top favorite coins because it does something.  I only like coins that do something valuable.  Cake allows you to earn more Cake.  Safemoon gives you more Safemoon.  Tron runs a network.  Monero is the largest privacy coin and the safest privacy coin by far.  Dash and Zcash are not as private as you think.  Chainalysis can figure out most of their transactions.  The only one that Chainalysis can't crack is Monero.

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