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Ledger hack and the aftermath

Ledger of France was hacked in December and the mess is not over.  The hackers were able to get into their marketing database.  The wallets don't appear to be compromised and based on my understanding of the technology, I don't see how they could be compromised.  Ledger can't get into  your wallet so how would the hacker.

What the hackers can do is send emails, letters, phone calls, and free devices to people on the list trying to trick them.  If you own a Ledger, Ledger will never ask for your seed phrase and Ledger would never seen a device to you unsolicited.

Since Ledger sells mostly direct, that list contains a good percentage of their customers.  It was a smart hack.  The only way to stay safe is remember to never trust emails.  Back up your device.  Back up your recovery seed and stay smart.  If you are smart enough to buy a hardware wallet then you are probably smart enough to protect yourself.

With this hack coming to light, it has now made it important to trust where you get your wallet.  At we have incorporated several safety features.  If you pay us in crypto, we can ship to any address and any name you give us.  That is the best way to stay safe.  

If you want to stay safe, buy your wallet from us.

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