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Ledger get 380 million dollars

Ledger gets $380 million in funding

I love Ledger and I am very happy that they are getting $380 million dollars.  As a retailer of fine hardware wallets, having a key vendor getting rich should hopefully be pretty awesome.  The next generation of hardware wallets are going to be easier and work just like software wallets.  They will be able to easily access Defi and still keep your private keys private and offline.  Considering Ledger has only sold a million wallets since its inception, I imagine that $380 million is going to be crazy money for them.  They don't seem to advertise much.  Their products are often out of stock.  I wonder what a giant cash infusion will do to availability.

More than likely what is going on is that they are investing in the potential to control an ecosystem of crypto.  Kind of like how Amazon has the ecosystem.  You buy an Apple product and then you make money on all the things a customer does with the product after they set it up.

What if Ledger is able to monetize people owning their wallets because they Ledger will offer Staking, buying, selling, and exchanging.  All of these actions generate commissions.  If Ledger can get its millions of users to use its services instead of just buy its wallet, then game over.  We have a totally new giant crypto player.

The only wallet that is good enough right now to keep me in their ecosystem is probably Safepal.  Safepal feels almost exactly like Trust Wallet which is what I am most familiar with.

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