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Ledger adds Paraswap Dex to the Ledger ecosystem

Paraswap coming at you.

We just learned about paraswap a few days ago.  It appears to be able to swap token on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.  I have not tried it out.  It is supposedly a Decentralized Dex that you can use for free.  Although Ledger may build fees into its use of the service.

This is huge for both companies.  Ledger is flush with cash and Paraswap is an innovator in using mutliple dexs and not charging a fee.  Perhaps Pancake Swap has a run for its money.  I have a feeling Paraswap will end up needing to use the Pancake Swap pools and pay its fees because that is still going to be where people keep their liquidity.

So my prediction is that Paraswap is as free front end for people to access the liquidity that is actually staked at Pancake, Sushi, and Uniswap.

As of now, I am not able to find a Paraswap token but I was able to find random information about an ICO.  I have to imagine as the default Dex for Ledger, that will give instant business and credibility to Paraswap.  It was probabably built by the Ledger team. 

On a more positive note, in case I wasn't positive sounding.  I am excited to try an figure out how to use Polygon for the first time.  Now that I know I can use paraswap to exchange matic related tokens, I am a step closer to figuring out which wallet I need that will work.

I have been doing some more research on Paraswap and its pretty awesome.  It is connected to the largest pools of money and can use mutliple pools to complete a transaction.  Techinically they don't charge a fee but they do make a little bit of money on your transaction.  They are selling themselves as a service that you can intergrate into your wallet and charge a fee.  We want to one day develop a hardware wallet to keep out customers safe and its good to learn about companies like Paraswap.

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