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LeBron James signs with

LeBron is one of the best basketball players of all time.  He is also one of the smartest and one of the richest.  He probably got a little bit richer with his new partnership.  He has joined Matt Damon and now represents has the right idea.  Next should be Matthew McConehey.  If he can sell Buicks, he can sell Crypto.  

How is Cardano doing to compete with LeBron James and Matt Damon?  It doesn't matter how great Solana is or Smart Chain if they don't advertise.  Schwab advertises.  Chase advertises.  Most big financial companies have a way of telling their story to customers.  Someone needs to start buying ad space and explaining to people how to use Defi and how to do it safely.

It is so easy to lose your money still.  I am kind of surprised that LeBron was willing to support  A lot of people are going to have their paychecks go to and they are going to try buying an alt coin like VVS.  Defi eliminates the barrier to entry of complicated mathematical finance.  You can be your own bank.  This is great for the few that understand it but most people are going to lose all their money.

Let's say you want to go on OpenSea and buy a Bored Ape, it will take you weeks to learn how to do it.  By the time you figure out how to buy Ethereum and transfer it to a wallet and connect the wallet to OpenSea, you might not even want to buy the NFT or make the trade anymore.

My suggestion is get your money into crypto when you have some free time regardless of the prices.  You can keep it in fiat or in a stable coin, but you will have it available when the market crashes or if it climbs and doesn't stop.  You will be able to make a quick decision and get Bitcoin.  If you don't have your accounts set up and you haven't practiced trading, you won't be able to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes.

Right now the hot thing is NFTs on Ethereum.  It may only be hot for a few weeks. You never know what can change.  By the way, how is it that Ethereum is triggering spell checker.  Ethereum has been out for a while and has been part of the English language just as long.  Why does Shopify not recognize it.  Let's see if it know Cardano? Nope.  Cardano also triggers spell checker.  Bitcoin doesn't trigger anything.  Litecoin still hasn't been added to the dictionary.  I can sell items in the store and people can pay in Ethereum but apparently its still not a word.

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