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Purchasing Land on Decentraland with Mana using Polygon or Ethereum

Snoop Dogg The Sandbox Metaverse Digital Land

I want to own digital land in the Metaverse.  I bought Mana so that I will have the right currency to buy land and I will be able to afford it even if it goes up in price. I have ERC20 Mana and I want to figure out how to use Polygon Mana.  With the market tanking last night, I thought it would be a good idea to look into digital land.  I don't have an active account on Decentraland and I don't have a Metamask account with any Ethereum or Mana in it.  I prefer not to use browser based wallets.  

As I was searching for land, I decided to do some research on what properties to look for and I came across an interesting video.  It said that the location of your land doesn't mean that much.  They don't believe people are going to be walking down the street or exploring as much as they are just going to jump into the coordinates that they want.  It doesn't matter if a casino is right by the genesis block or far away, people are going to jump in and play.

The theory behind this article was that the winners in the digital land game are going to be the ones who develop their land.  You can move your property once its built from land to land.  If you have something awesome, people will come to it.

There are a lot of stores in the real world that are in really shitty locations to save money on land costs.  But if they are big and awesome like a Cabela's, people will come from hundreds of miles around.  I think the same thing will happen in the Metaverse.  Distance won't matter if you have great content.  Distance doesn't matter on the current web.  No one cares where anything is located because it loads instantly into your computer.  The same thing is going to happen with digital land,

Now on the other hand, people may want to expand their digital footprint.  If you buy a piece of land in The Sandbox next to Snoop Dogg and he decides to build a swimming pool and needs another plot of land, you have a good chance of catching a nice profit on that flip.

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