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Kucoin is now the best Centralized Exchange

Kucoin is the best Centralized Exchange in the World!

Watch out for Kucoin.  While Binance gets in trouble left and right from each country, Kucoin seems to be able to stay below the radar.  They have the best access to alt coins, future, staking, wagering.  They even lucrative Hydra staking where you can ear about 70% APR.  That is annual percentage rate, not APY which is annual percentage yield.  Annual percentage yield assumes you harvest and restake your earnings a ridiculous amount of times.

Kucoin has a native coin which is KCS.  It is ethereum based right now but I bet it will eventually have a smart chain counterpart when Kuchain becomes fully functioning.  If you hold KCS tokens, you get a discount on your trading fees and you get yield.  Right now you earn about 10% by holding KCS tokens in your Kucoin account.

I have been a user of Kucoin for many years.  It is a great place to be able to buy Defi tokens like Pancake Swap and even hard to purchase tokens like XRP.

As I have gotten more involved in wallets and holding coins in wallets, I have come to realize how necessary centralized exchanges are still for the the digitally economy.  It is great to have both centralized and decentralized.  If I am going to use centralized, I am going to try and use Kucoin followed closely by Kraken and then lastly by Coinbase.

Big thumbs up for Kucoin.  Everyone should check it out.  I am not endorsed by Kucoin in any way.  I am a holder of KCS tokens.  I am not a holder anymore.  I switched out.  I have some coins in Coinbase and Coinbase Pro.  I am in the process of picking my coins and staking them long term.  I am staking Tezos and Algorand at Coinbase but I am going to start looking for the best place to stake.  For instance Kraken used to pay 12% for Polk Dot.  That might be the best place to put it.  I know there are a bunch of staking options in Trust Wallet and I need to look into the staking options for Ledger and Trezor.  2021 is going to be the year of the stake.

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