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Kraken finally has a mobile App

Kraken finally built a great iOS app.  I guess they figured Apple products are probably here to stay and they wanted to get in before it is too late.  You would think it was too late, but its not.  Kraken is one of the main choices for Americans.  I would say our best choices are Coinbase Pro, Kraken, and Binance USA and that is not the best choices.  Kraken was always limited because it didn't have a good app. 

I used Kraken a good amount but I only did it at home.  I migrated money out of it so I could trade from my phone during the day.  That is where Coinbase Pro shines.  Binance USA is OK but I like Coinbase's interface better.

I have not tried out the Kraken app but I will.  I have about $30.00 left in Kraken from when I used to use it.  Maybe I will be able to transfer it out or better yet I can put it all in Monero and see if it goes to the moon.

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