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Keevo Wallet Review Founder's Edition

Update 1/22/2022 I was on the Keevo website today to see what new features were being released and I have some exciting news.  Your Keevo will in fact be able to manage your ERC-721 NFTs.  It will also now hold XRP from Ripple Labs and it holds Elon's favorite joke coin Doge.  Those are pretty big improvements.  It shows that the Keevo is capabible of lots of incredible things with just a firmware update.  Being able to hold XRP and ERC tokens are pretty different and not many wallets to that.  In fact, with the SEC still breathing down Ripple's neck, it is hard to buy and store XRP anywhere.

Update 1/12/2022 It is a new year and I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at any new featuresor improvements since the last time I updated.  I noticed on the Keevo website it said it can hold ERC-721 tokens which I believe is code for the fact that it holds NFTs.  I am just starting to get into NFTs so this would be a pretty cool feature.  Bored Apes and most of the NFTs on Open Sea are ERC-721.  I think this means you can use your Keevo to purchase NFTs using Ether and then store them in your Keevo wallet.  This is not confirmed so don't try it just based on my suggestion.  I am sure someone from Keevo will email to get me the most up to date information next time they read the blog.  We are still big fans of Keevo and the Keevo team.  Their wallets are sold out but you can purchase a pre order to make sure you get one from the next batch.

Update 6/26/2021 I am excited to announce that the Keevo has added ERC20 tokens.  You can now hold Ethereum and any ERC20 token.  I don't believe they have a method of swapping yet so I will need to look into this.  I am guessing this is still for people looking to hold and hold longer term.  I am still playing around with Binance Smart Chain but as I stop trading and start holding I am seriously considering the Keevo for some of my holdings.  I need to make sure it can hold flip tokens and see if there is any ability to stake.  In regards to fingerprints, I have been having much better luck and it has been registering consistently.

Update 6/14/2021 I am having trouble getting the device to consistently register my finger print.  I probalby need to record my print again.  This is concerning because a lot of the value is gone if I need to worry about my finger being read.  The other thing I am thinking about is that there is no Ios or Android option.  You will need a PC.  I think that makes it a whole lot safer, but it does put it out of reach of some.  I am trying to bit some Satoshis on this bad boy.  I am doing the big firmware update right now and I will report back after I have the new software.  For $99.00 per year they can help pass along your crypto to your decedents after you pass.  They also can help you restore your account as long as your remember your password and don't knaw off your fingerprints.

The Keevo Founder's edition wallet arrived a few days ago and I got to open it.  I will post the pictures shortly.  I have opened many different hardware wallets.  I have personally tested everything that we carry.  Opening the Keevo was different.  The experience was closer to opening a fine Swiss watch.  The packaging was exquisite.  It is the only packaging that I will keep from the many wallets I have opened.  Just like you need to keep your papers and box for your watch, you should probably do the same for your Keevo.

Keevo Founders Edition Hardware Wallet

My founder's edition came with a unique serial number and a cool display case.  Here is my understanding of how the Keevo works.  You have four methods of identity recognition.  You have the device itself.  You have a pin number that you select.  You have a fingerprint that the reader identifies.  Lastly you have what is referred to as the Carbon Key.  The Carbon Key is the 4th backup method and you pay a small fee to store your Carbon Key offsite with Iron Mountain.  If you lose your device or break your device, you can buy a new one and use your original carbon key with your passcode and your fingerprint to restore your account.

Keevo Hardware Wallet in Box


If you notice, you didn't need a 12 word or 24 word passphrase.  Using the carbon key and redundant security options allows the Keevo to operate without the user having to store a 12 word recovery key on paper or with one of our backup cassettes.

The Keevo is different than other wallets. Keevo has partnered with Iron Mountain to provide you with a backup option in case you lose one of your keys.  You don't need to store a 12 word or 24 word passphrase with Keevo.  Instead you get a digital carbon key that attaches with magnets.  You can choose to keep your carbon key and keep it stored safely or you can use Keevo's service and pay to have it stored securely.  The carbon key is only 1 of 4 factors and you need 3.  This means that no one can use your carbon key without your fingerprint and without your passcode.

Custom Packaging for Keevo Wallet Bitcoin

Users do not need to register and pay for the Keevo Premium Plus Service, but doing so would provide them with many additional benefits. For users who opt in, register and pay for the Keevo Service, they will receive even more security, convenience and many other potential benefits to manage their digital identity and assets. At its core, the Keevo service will provide users the ability to securely transfer to Keevo and rely upon Keevo to securely store their Keevo Carbon Key. This protects their information in an encrypted manner so no one, not even Keevo, can make any use of their data.

This service also enables users to easily retrieve and restore their digital identity and private key in the case of misfortune, such as losing their HW Wallet Device or if it becomes inoperable for some reason The Keevo service will also enable users to designate and initialize beneficiaries. These will be additional user identities who will encrypt the Keevo Devices (HW Wallet Device and the Keevo Carbon Key) with individual factors such as a PIN and Fingerprint. In this case and upon certain verifiable circumstances (such as death of the user), the Keevo service can


The Keevo Carbon Key contains a secure memory element and is used as an independent factor and backup of the user’s information for custodianship. The memory unit includes encrypted information from the user and their potential custodians. The Keevo Carbon Key can be used to restore a user’s HW Wallet and recover their secure private keys if any of the following occur: 

  • The Keevo HW Wallet is lost, stolen or becomes inoperable, or 
  • A user forgets their password, or 
  • A user is unable to enter his or her fingerprint

Keevo provides options for estates so that your crypto can get passed on to your next generation.  

At the moment Keevo only holds a few coins most importantly Bitcoin.  If you are planning to hold Bitcoin for the long term and you don't want to worry about losing your coins, this might be a good solution for you.

You have full custody of your coins, but you have a backup solution in place in case something happens.  We are not currently selling the Keevo but we hope to in the future.  They are in stock and you can get them now at  

If you are this concerned about your next of kin and losing your passwords, a hardware wallet may not be your thing.  You should consider Coinbase or Kraken.  I have had to have both of my accounts reset to let me back in.  It took some time but both companies made the process as painless as they could and both had a procedure.  It is nice to know that if you lose your password, Kraken's got your back.

Carbon Key and Keevo Hardware Wallet

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