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Kasse Crypto Hardware Wallet Review

 Kasse Crypto Hardware Wallet

The Kasse is small and kind of looks like a USB thumb drive from a few years ago.  It has two buttons and display.  You use the buttons in four different ways.  You press the left, press the right, press both, hold the right button.  We do most of our blogging on a Mac and apparently the Kasse doesn't have Mac software.  I don't believe there is an app to interact with.  As far as I can tell, you need to use a windows PC and have it hard wired to the PC to use it.  Luckily, I have pcs and Macs to test wallets.  I will get the software installed and report back if I am able to get the wallet up and running, what coins it works with and can it access Dapps?

Kasse hardware wallet loose safety seal
The safety seals are on pretty loose and it looks like you could probably take them off and put them back on.  With that in mind, make sure you buy from an authorized dealer so you know your item hasn't been touched.  

We broke out the PC and gave it a try.  Windows 10 pcs with normal setting does not want to download the wallet.  I overrode Windows so that I could get it.  Then I tried to install it,  Windows continues to think it has a virus and won't let me install the exe file.

Kasse Crypto Wallet

I know how to turn all of the antivirus features off.  I do that for my mining rigs and it make sense.  I don't understand why a product manufactured by Hyundaipay doesn't work with a Mac and doesn't work with iOS and Windows 10 won't download it or install it.  This wallet is only for the professionals out there that are willing to turn off their antivirus and use a PC.

I didn't turn it off.  I decided that I will test the Kasse in the future when it has better firmware and its compatible with a Mac.  Until then, we do not plan on carrying this product.  If we can't figure it out, we can't help you figure it out.  

It is a very well made little device and we love product from Korea.  The software issue is very disappointing.  We look forward to updates and giving it another try in the future.  We will not count it out yet.  It is too nice of a little device and we have a feeling they will get it right in a few months.

I just sent an email to Kasse asking if they had a new version of the software coming out soon or a way to install that doesn't make my computer vulnerable.  I have extra pcs so maybe I will give in and install it but I really would like it to be safe software during this time of ransomware and cryptolocking software.


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