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Its time to stop trading crypto

I have been buying and selling various tokens for about 5 years.,  Over the years I have some favorite tokens.  I used to trade and stake and unstake quite regularly.  Now I am trying to settle into some long term investments that will help me and my family survive the inevitable mass inflation we are about to all experience.

After sending and receiving tokens for years I am surprised to say that my top favorite coin has become Bitcoin again.  Bitcoin is scarce.  Bitcoin is pretty fast when using Lightening network.  Bitcoin fees are low.  I have been using my Bitcoin stash in my Trust Wallet to send little bits at a time to friends.  As an example we just had a poker tournament and the winner was paid out in Bitcoin.  It wasn't alot, but it was enough to get an idea of how Bitcoin works and hte transaction was pretty fast and it was definitely very cheap.

The second coin I have decided to own is Etherem.  Etheeum is hte biggest, baddest, most important smart chain and the OG ERC20 token.  You kind of need it for anythign you want to do in Defi.  You can do Avalance Defi or Cosmos Defi but when you are looking for the big boys, you are going to find them playing with Ethereum.

I am taking a gamble on Luna.  It seems to just keep going up.  I like the idea of Mirror prototocol.  I don't fully understand how to use it properly but I like th idea of synthetic assets that mirror the real world price.  It is a pain in the ass t buy gold and you have to have a brokerarage account to buy GLD.  Any schnook with a Trst wallet can buy mirroered assets and trade stocks almost like the big boys.  THey could probably get a Robinhood account too but as I typically like to point out, we don't like Robinhod and we try to tell them to Fuck Off whenever we can.


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