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Is your Matic ERC20? If so, be careful how and where you send it.

Matic and Polygon coin vs ERC20 Matic

I just learned that Coinbase Matic is ERC20 and not actual Polygon Chain tokens.  It could have been a very expensive mistake.  Luckily I use a Trust wallet and my Matic address is the same as my Matic ERC20 address.  I thought I had lost the coins and it turns out I just needed to enable the ERC20 Matic in the Trust Wallet.  Major crisis averted.  Major lesson learned and for the first time the lesson didn't cost me any money, it just made me stressed out all New Year's Eve.  Oh well, its time to bridge some Matic over and start using the Polygon network.  I have some Unstoppable domains that I want to move to Polygon and I also want to start minting Polygon NFTs.

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