Recovery Seed Backup Devices

ImKey and ImToken hardware wallet and seed cassette

ImKey and ImToken Hardware wallet

We were lucky enough to receive free test units from ImKey.  We haven't quite completed our tests but we have started so its time to start writing the review.  The instructions are small, I have bad eyesight, i don't have much patience on a computer and I wasn't able to figure out how to get the wallet working.  I have had trouble figuring out most hardware wallets at some point so I am not discouraged.  I assume someone from ImKey will reach out to me and walk me through it so I can fix my review and explain to you fine people how to use the product.  The wallet is so small.  It is one of the smallest I have seen.  It wanted to pair using bluetooth with my phone but i was using my phone to shoot the video and my ipad woudn't connect with it or at least I couldn't figure out how to get them to talk easily.  I wanted to film what my real life experience was using the wallet for the first time because I have to imagine I am not the only person that will have these issues if they are not super tech saavy.

The seed back devices they provided were awesome.  Well the one for crypto passwords was awesome.  There is a rectangular one that they sent me that uses a grid system of 8xK and I am not exactly sure what you are supposed to do with it.  My assumption is that you can store a master password that is made of letters but I will again update you as soon as I learn more.

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