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Homies in Dreamland

Cheech and Chong have brought us some great laughs over the years.  Between their records and their movies, they have beed a duo to watch.  One of my favorite all time movies is Up in Smoke.  They have partnered with Jermaine Rogers to bring the NFT project Homies in Dreamland.  I don't think Cheech Marin would try to scam thousands of people.  I don't think Chong would try to scam people and I know for sure Jermaine Rogers would never do that.

I have known Cheech and Chong for 30 years and the worst that they have done is made tons of great movies and get caught for not fully obeying ridiculous cannabis laws.  Chong served his time even if he shouldn't have so now its time for them to get the good stuff.

I am a big fan of Jermaine's bunny artwork.  I didn't own any yet but I had my eye on some.  New I have NFTs that are created by Jermaine and associated with one of my favorite movies Up in Smoke.  I am not sure why that isn't worth more than a Killer Girlfriend?  I am also a fan of Crypto Batz by Ozzy Osbourne.  He has a history of making money and making great comebacks.  With Sharon Osbourne behind him, he can do anything.

People love celebrities more than anything.  Once they realize they can have a little piece of something that gives them a connection with a celebrity, people will go nuts.  Imagine Veefriends but for Taylor Swift.  How much would people pay to own a Swift NFT that gives you some sort of exclusive access.

There is software out called Mintgate that allows you to put a gate on your information and require someone to own a token to get access.  I am very interested in this technology.  I am also very interested in proof of attendance tokens.  I would like to use that in a future tradeshow booth or as a promotion for a restaurant/bar. 

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