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I switched to manual Cake Staking and I like it

Stacking Cake

I have been using Auto Cake since it came out.  I wonder how long ago that was.  It seems like ages but its probably like 3 months.  Auto Cake is cool and the lazy way to stake but at a certain point, you make more by compounding yourself.  I made more compounding once a day than I did using Auto Cake.  Especially now when the fees for Binance Chain are so low.

If I go out of town or don't plan to have safe access to a wallet, I would put cake back in Auto.  In fact, I am in there now because I got lazy a few days ago.  I am waiting for my 3 days to finish before I move it somewhere else to stake.

I am out of town and I am back in the Auto Cake pool.  It sucks spending that 2 percent but I am seeing Pearl Jam and the reception is horrible.  It is just easier to know that the Pancake Team is taking care of me with their Auto compounding smart contract.

Remember just a few months ago when that didn't exist?  You need to use Pancake Bunny and if you used Pancake Bunny bad things may have happened to you.  Stay Safe San Diego!

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