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I now buy everything used and a few years old

Do you remember 2017?  We have fast Internet, cheap international container shipping, all the steel we could ever want, microchips a plenty and lots and lots of jobs.  Fast forward to the 2022 Covid years and life couldn't be more different.  We are running out of everrything and the supply chain is so messed up that even if you have people and some parts, you might not have the machines you need.  The best employees are gone.  Some of them are watching their kids and some are taking care of sick parents.  Production lines are not the same.  I theorize that qauality of highly skilled items like musical instruments and cars might start to go down in quality over the next few years.  They will need to make choices and go with lower quality chips just because they are availalble.  I just bought a pair of powered loud speakers and I bought them refurbished.  They were made in 2014.  They are analog and take analog cables.  Nothing has really been improved since then.  I decided to go with the proven technology.

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