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I have a soft spot for Vin Diesel. I can't wait for F9

Over the past couple years I decided to start rewatching the Fast and the Furious series a lot.  I mean a lot.  I had so much free time and it had the main things I needed for a movie.  It had fights, gun fire, explosions, and hot women with a plot that just led you to the next explosion.

I have been waiting for F9 to come out for so long becuase of the whole Covid thing.  I am not a big fan of Charlize Theron in the last movie and killing the mother of Dom's child was a little over the top for a relatively family style movie or at least a movie you may take your older kids.

I really like how they use 7 to do a throw back to 2 and talk about Han being in Japan and show the kid and the hot girl.  If you watch 2, there is the exact same scene except it stops with Dom about to race.  In the 7th movie they show them after what appers to be Dom winningl

It looks like the movie came out tonight as part of tomorrows premier.  I think I am probably going to go try and check it out.  I haven't been to many movies by myself but I think it would be easier that taking my parents and explaining why I like stupid T&A movies with lots of explosions.  Do I really need to explain that?  Baywatch was the number one show worldwide.  It wasn't for the acting.

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