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I finally have a crypto rewards card that works

I applied about a year ago for the Coinbase debit card and received it but I never activated it.  Well, I am starting to get caught up on stuff so I started playing around with it again.  It is pretty fucking sweet.  I am able to attach the debit card to my Coinbase account (regular not Pro) and spend USDC whenever I use the card.  I have attached the card to Apple Pay so I get crypto on all my Apple Pay purchases too.

The current rate is 1% for some of the coins and up to 4% for others.  I chose to receive my rewards in Stellar Lumens XLM because that was one of the cryptos that offers 4% back.  I purchased Taco Bell today for about $10.00 using my Iphone and Apple Pay.  It debited my Coinbase USDC account and in theory I should get almost 2 XLM.  I haven't received it yet so I can update you when I actually get it.

The reason to chose US Dollar Coin as your coin to spend is that there is no service fee.  All of the other choices have a 2.5 percent service fee.  I only have $100 in my USDC account.  I can transfer or convert as needed.  Pretty soon you will be able to do direct deposit into Coinbase.  I plan to set that up too.

Coinbase Crypto Rewards Debit Card

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