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I bought some NFTs today - Non Fungible Tokens

Pancake Bunny NFTs coming out soon on Binance Smart Chain


I wasn't planning to buy them.  I had gone years without buying any NFTs and then two nights ago I was on Pancake Swap and I saw them.  PCW had started selling the NFTs that they let you buy when you are setting up your account.  They also had special NFTs that people had gotten for winning challenges.  There were some that I didn't recognize.  Like any other good Pancake Swap fan, I unstated some Auto Cake, payed the .1% fee and started buying NFTs.

I bought about 21.  I am not sure if they will ever have value but most of them were only $20 bucks and they are cute little bunnies and I can send them to anyone with a trust wallet.  I imagine they will come in useful in the future.

Pancake Swap is also about to release their first curated Bunny collection of 10,000 NFTs with rare bunny traits.  I have a feeling this project will do very well.

I have accounts on Pancake Swap going back to about April so hopefully one of my accounts will quality for first release NFTs.  Unless they shoot up to ridiculous prices right away, I want to buy a bunch of them.

If NFTs on Solana can do billions, then NFTs on Binance Smart Chain should also be able to do billions.  I am most familiar with BSC and PancakeSwap so it is nice that the NFTs are using the platform that I literally spend the most time on.

I am going to be bunny rich and pancake rich in a few days.  I hope you will all join me.  Let's buy those bunny NFTs like they are going out of style. 

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