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Husky Wallet Why won't you turn on? Please turn on!

Husky Hardware Wallet won't turn on

If someone from Husky would like to contact me.  I would love to test a good unit and give it a review.  If the product is good, I would consider carrying it.  If I remember correctly you are made in Canada.  That is good for our company.  I am not able to get the Husky wallet even turned on.  I have plugged it in using usb C and it won't power  up.  I tried holding the button.  I am not able to find instructions.  I am testing wallets to see which ones to carry and I guess this one won't be for sale on our site in the near future.  This is the first wallet I haven't been able to figure out how to turn on.  I have it attached to a Mac and I downloaded the software off their website but the wallet doesn't seem to see the Mac.  I will give it another couple of tries and then I might do something I have never really done before.  I might return a wallet to Amazon.  I keep all of the test wallets that I buy so I can keep trying them out as the firmware changes.  For instance my Keevo wallet has added some pretty cool features since I first set it up.  It now can hold ERC20 tokens.

I will try one more USB cord and see if maybe the cord is bad.  I couldn't use the one that was included because I only have USB C on my macs.  To bne continued.

OK, i was able to use the cord that came with the Husky wallet and I was able to turn it on when I plugged it into my USB outlet.  It was able to power up but I still can't confirm the big gold button powers it up and down.

When you get it on it asks for a SSID.  I assumed it wanted to attach to my wifi but I wasn't positive.  I tried to add my 2.4 ghz network and my 5.6 network and neither of them were able to connect.  

I will try one last time hooking it up to an old PC that has the old USB on it so that I can give it the old college try one last time.  As soon as I officially give up or if I get it working I will continue to write here.  The box says it is from Canada so I have very high expectations.  All of the other products involving Crypto that I have gotten from Canada have been awesome.

I give Canadian companies the benefit of the doubt because Canadians are so nice and easy to work with.

Here are some features of the Husky Wallet:

Extra Protection
Bitcoin transaction signature is protected from software and hardware hackers thanks to a private key kept on the specialized chip.
Use your phone or computer to connect.

From any PC, MAC, Android, or iPhone device, you may manage your Husky HDW20 hardware wallet.

Internet access via Wi-Fi
Sending Bitcoins from any device on your home network is possible with a long-range Wi-Fi connection.

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