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Husky Wallet Why won't you turn on? Please turn on!

I am not able to get the Husky wallet even turned on.  I have plugged it in using usb C and it won't power  up.  I tried holding the button.  I am not able to find instructions.  I am testing wallets to see which ones to carry and I guess this one won't be for sale on our site in the near future.  This is the first wallet I haven't been able to figure out how to turn on.  I have it attached to a Mac and I downloaded the software off their website but the wallet doesn't seem to see the Mac.  I will give it another couple of tries and then I might do something I have never really done before.  I might return a wallet to Amazon.  I keep all of the test wallets that I buy so I can keep trying them out as the firmware changes.  For instance my Keevo wallet has added some pretty cool features since I first set it up.  It now can hold ERC20 tokens.

I will try one more USB cord and see if maybe the cord is bad.  I couldn't use the one that was included because I only have USB C on my macs.  To bne continued.

OK, i was able to use the cord that came with the Husky wallet and I was able to turn it on when I plugged it into my USB outlet.  It was able to power up but I still can't confirm the big gold button powers it up and down.

When you get it on it asks for a SSID.  I assumed it wanted to attach to my wifi but I wasn't positive.  I tried to add my 2.4 ghz network and my 5.6 network and neither of them were able to connect.  

I will try one last time hooking it up to an old PC that has the old USB on it so that I can give it the old college try one last time.  As soon as I officially give up or if I get it working I will continue to write here.  The box says it is from Canada so I have very high expectations.  All of the other products involving Crypto that I have gotten from Canada have been awesome.

I give Canadian companies the benefit of the doubt because Canadians are so nice and easy to work with.

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