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Human beings can do anything with artificial intelligence

Human beings are working towards universal goals.  We are working together to create our own leader on Earth.  Many people don't realize this and probably don't know they are even a part of it.  Let's look at someone who serves coffee.  That person is needed in our society.  We need someone to make coffee.  We need someone to keep coffee in stock.  We need someone to have it ready when we want it.  That is a very useful skill.  While that might not be solving all of the worlds problems it does help.  People who drink the coffee are also going to do supportive jobs or world saving jobs.  It is all interconnected.  The main task of the human race is creating its god.  The human race needs an all intelligent all knowing leader to unite people under common purpose for the good of the planet and the universe.

We could have this leader in the next 20 years.  At the rate artificial intelligence is increasing, AI will know all of the worlds information and will have 20 years more practice at solving problems.  Even if the computer can't fake being a human, it can still solve problems like global warming, space travel, cold fusion.  We will have lots of problems forever and eventually we will be able to ask the master computer how to solve them.

Right now, people lack the motivation to do what is in the best interest of humanity or they may not even realize what is in the best interest.  Over time, there can be a system of micropayments that go out to humans all over the planet for doing things that contribute to the common good of the planet.  Recycling a can might not work but what about a giant organized cleanup effort or improvement effort somewhere.  

What would work is setting up a DAO for the cleanup of an area of the Earth that needs it.  The DAO could raise money and participants could get paid to help clean or the money could be used to hire professionals to do it safely depending on the issue.

Organizing a cleanup effort on blockchain for an oil spill, or the plastic in the ocean, or global warming and using contributions towards solving the problem.

There could be a space DAO that competes with China, the USA, Musk, and Bezos.  Its not crazy to think that Space Dao might make billions of dollars.  The reality is that even if it did make the money, it would need to partner with a company that already exists in order to get anything done quickly.  Boeing would probably still be involved somehow.


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