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How to buy an NFT without getting ripped off.

The odds are pretty good that you are going to lose money if you try buying an NFT.  There are so many ways to get scammed.  Let's take OpenSea which is the largest most legitimate market for NFTs.  They recently had an employee buy a bunch of NFTs because they knew the NFTs were going to be featured on the front page of OpenSea.  That guy was fired but I am sure there is stuff like that going on all the time.

Right now there is a new NFT that is in the process of being relesed called Killer Girlfriends.  You can buy a random Killer Girlfriend NFT which doesn't show the picture yet.  They cost about 1.5 Eth.  OpenSea shows a verified sign next to the KillerGFT name and they have linked their account with a Twitter profile.  The Twitter Profile was created in November and has 26K followers.  You can go through the twitter account and see that its active and that it has a history.  They have a Discord channel and you can see what's going on there.

You might accidentilly buy this after thrying to buy a Killer Girlfriend which is not what you want.

Here is an actual fake that you might fall for

Here is the link to the real project on OpenSea

If you have never bought an NFT before, it is so hard to not get tricked.  There are fake things on OpenSea that look very real and have very high prices.  Not everyone thinks to do research and see when the NFT was minted and examine the contract and make sure it is liquid.  I have been buying NFTs for 4 years and I just learned some very big lessons a few days ago.  

1. Only buy NFTs on OpenSea using Ethereum

(the one exception is buying crypto punks through Larva Labs which is cool too)

2. Try to buy when gas prices are lowest

3. Buy the least expensive one in the collection

4. Make sure to save the seed phrase of your wallet

5. Don't run out of Ethereum


Now that Twitter Blue allow you to verify NFTs and put them as your profile picture, people are going to want more and more NFT avatars.  Millions of dollars is going to be lost in people trying to buy NFTs and not doing it right.  Millions of people are going to have a lot of trouble attaching their Twitter Blue account to their NFT.

We can buy NFTs for you.  We can send them to your wallet or we can hold them in a custody wallet for you.  We can help you attach one to your Twitter Profile.  If you are considering spending big money on a Bored Ape or a Crypto Punk to attach to your Twitter account, you might want to hire us to assist.

We have already attached an NFT to our Twitter Profile.  We used an NFT that we minted ourselves about a year ago.  We can help you do anything you want within the NFT world.  We can help you mint your own or we can help you purchase a Bored Ape.  In order to join many of the Discord Channels, you will need to verify owernship of the NFT and we can help with that too.



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