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How secure is your crypto?

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This is not for those on a Centralized exchange.  You know that you are trusting the exchange.  For those who are using wallets, how many of you are using your iPhone and going everywhere with your vulnerable software wallet.  Do you really need to use a Dex that badly during the day?

It is time to take a practical look at Bitcoin safety and how to keep your crypto safe.

1. Don't keep your main crypto stash with you. Ever.
2. Use a watch only wallet.  This will let you look without being able to do anything.
3. Don't travel with more than you need.
4. Don't show anyone how much you have.
5. Keep your coins in cold storage using a hardware wallet
6. Put your 24 word passphrase on a Steelwallet
7. Put Steelwallet in safe deposit box

You need to be able to pass the wrench test.  If someone was to hit you over the head with a wrench, could they get your coins?  Not if you are in Miami and you wallet is locked up in New York.  Or if you are on the Subway and your wallet is in a safe deposit box at the bank.  The longer you make it take to do a transaction and the more layers you add, the safer you will be.

Stake Cake and just wait.  Fuck Robinhood.

If you use a Bitbox or a Keevo, there are some other ways that you can protect yourself without using the seed phrase.  Storing your Keevo chip in Iron Mountain is a pretty great option.  For Bitbox, you can use a micro SD as backup but I still prefer to have hard metal.  There is an option to get your seed phase too so Bitbox has me covered.  Bitbox is the device that I am most seriously considering for storing a little bit of a Bitcoin.


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