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How do we know that Pancake Swap isn't run by the North Korean Government?

Who run Pancake Swap?

Do you know who actually runs Pancake Swap and makes money of Cake coin?  I assume its the guys from Binance but you never really know.  What if it was a North Korean backed project or a Iranian project?  In theory the US should be saying that we can't use it and blocking it if it was run by what the US considers a Rogue state.

If I was a country with a lot of money and computer resources, I would definitely create an Ethereum competitor.  I would make such a great blockchain that people used it and allowed me and my country to be part of the world economy without really knowing about it.

I assume all of the world leaders are doing this but you never know.  I think governments should be embracing blockchain like El Salvador.  They are going to make so much fricking money.  Also, now attacking Bitcoin is attacking El Salvador.  As soon as more countries join, it will become too big to fail.

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