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How do I yield farm?

Here is one way to Yield Farm.  You will need a Trust Wallet and some crypto.  Or you need a Trust Wallet, any funds, and a Binance account.

The first thing you need is Trust Wallet.  Go to the app store and download Trust Wallet and setup a new wallet in the app.  If this is your first wallet, it will be a little confusing so you may need some instructions on how to set it up.  Make sure to write down your 12 word recovery phrase.  That is the key to recovering your funds.

The second thing you need is BNB.  There are a few ways to get BNB.  BNB is the official coin of Binance and Binance Smart Chain.  The easiest way to get BNB is to open a Binance account.  You can use the account to trade other crypto to BNB or you can probably use a credit card or bank account to fund Binance.  The other way to get BNB or BEP20 coins is by using the Binance Bridge.  This does not work in the United States but it does work almost everywhere else.  With the bridge, you can send coins like Ether and it will convert it to BEP20 Peg Ether. Once you have BNB, you need to send it to your Trust Wallet.  Go to BNB in your trust wallet and chose receive.  Send your BNB to that address.

OK, now you have BNB in your trust wallet and it still doesn't work.  That is because you need to convert your BNB into Smart Chain BNB.  This gets a little confusing.  There is BNB, WBNB, and Smart Chain BNB.  You will need Smart Chain BNB to do any type of transaction on the smartchain.

Let's assume you figured out how to get Smart Chain BNB.  Now you need to use the web3 browser that is built into your wallet and go to PancakeSwap.  If you don't have a dapp browser, it is because you have IOS and it doesn't come preinstalled.  Google how to add a browser to ios Trustwallet and follow the steps.

Now go to Pancake Bunny.  You will take your BNB and convert it into LP or flip tokens using the ZAP feature of PancakeBunny.

We are not financial advisors and trading crypto and yield farming are extremely risky and you will probably lose all your money.  Well, you might not lose everything but still, don't take financial advise from us.  We are blog.  What do we know?

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