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How do I buy Pancake Squad NFTs?

Pancake Squad NFT buying help

It is the 7th of October and the Pancake Squad NFTs dropped last night around 3am Chicago time.  I was not able to get a single transaction through.  It felt like trying to get Pearl Jam tickets through ticketmaster.  By the time I was able to refresh my wallet to see what was going on, they were all sold out.

I was able to get 4 by owning some gen0 bunnies in my wallet.  I was able to purchase 4 tickets at the presale which happend around 11pm yesterday cst.  It looks like the ones I got randomly are pretty good and have some rare traits.

I also spent some time this morning buying some of the lower cost bunnies.  I am hopeful that the price floor will continue to move up and the bunnies I purchased in the 6 BNB range will all go up.

This is my second time trying my hand at NFTs.  I feel a lot better about buying them using my Trust Wallet and Pancake Swap.  i am not that comfortable with Opeansea or Solana.  I am very comfortable with the Binance Smart Chain.

I have too much of my crypto tied into NFTs and i am looking to slowly get out of most of them so that I can buy Bitcoin and hold longer term.  I need to keep at least a few Pancake Rabbits so that I can have a cool profile pic but I need to convert some of the NFTs into something that is liquid.

I wonder how long until I can wrap the token and/or stake it for yield farming.  My main opporunity cost is that whatever money I have tied into NFTs is no working while the rest of my crypto is slowly earning some Cake.

Basically, if you would like to purchase an NFT now, you will need some BNB in your wallet and you will need access to Pancake Swap.  I suggest using Trust Wallet on an Android device but you can also use it with Apple and Walletconnect to make it easy.

After you get your wallet open, open your browser to Pancake Swap and clck on NFTs.  Click on NFT marketplace and you will have your choice of Gen0 or Gen1.  Gen1 was released today so that is probalby the one you hvae been hearing about.

You need to click on the token that you want to buy and then your wallet creates a transaction and pays the seller in BNB.  Pancake Swap takes a 2% cut for processing the order.  Withing a moment or two, the NFT leaves the seller's wallet and pops up into the buyer's.

The PancakeSwap (CAKE) team has confirmed new information about the launch of NFT Market and the Pancake Squad NFT collection, two of its most anticipated new features in the coming months. In the midst of a September in which PancakeSwap has completed its first year of life, the decentralized token exchange platform has revealed new release dates for its most anticipated new products.

PancakeSwap will launch its NFT Market (i.e., its NFT marketplace) on September 30; on the other hand, the first NFT collection of Pancake Squad Collection will be available from October 7. Thus, we have just around the corner the arrival of two major additions to the platform's decentralized ecosystem.

Although these new dates represent a slight delay from the information initially shared by PancakeSwap (there was talk of these two new releases arriving in the week of September 22), this is excellent news for all those waiting for this step forward by the exchange into the NFT market.

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