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Hardware wallets is kind of a tough business

Ledger making big money

Most of the hardware wallet manufacturer's didn't build in a distributor model for pricing.  I looked into selling Cool wallets and they wanted me to sign a very one sided agreement that restricted my ability to change prices.  Even though there are Cool wallets being sold for $30 on Ebay, I would need to sell it at $100.00  I didn't get much recourse for a broken unit and if I couldn't sell them, I would get stuck with them.  I was never allowed to drop the price to unload them.

That is similar with many of the wallet manufacturers.  They haven't figured out a distribution plan.  Plus, they need to vet their customers.  The last thing Ledger wants is a distributor who is putting nefarious code on the devices.

With the introduction of 380 million dollars to Ledger, I am guessing that someone will give Trezor a big chunk of money too.  With both major wallet manufacturers flush with cash, my guess is that they will be willing to almost give their wallets away.  They are expecting to make money from what you do with the wallet, not just from you buying it.  They want you to join their ecosystem.  They want you to Stake with them and use them for converting and purchasing crypto. That is where the real money is going to be made.

It is a similar business model to Roku.  Give away the best device at a super low price and then people will use it to purchase movies and subscribe to Disney +.  That is where Roku makes the real money.  Roku also has the best Data.  They know exactly what a household watches.  They know how and when they pause.  They know everything.  We watch 2 hours of Vampirina in my house almost every day.  I am sure that gives them some good fodder to figure out good ads to serve us.

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