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Grayscale Bitcoin Trust - GBTC

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust - GBTC

GBTC is the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and you can purchase shares of it like you would purchase a stock or an ETF.  This is an interesting beast because its prices is not perfectly correlated with Bitcoin.  I bought a shit ton of GBTC when Bitcoin was around 43K and now that its 55K i expected to be up a lot and I wasn't.  I would have been much better owning actual Bitcoin.

As I have tried to use GBTC to trade Bitcoin when I don't have enough money in a wallet, I have found that it doesn't work like I expect.  I dumped all of my GBTC the other day.  I am thinking about putting money back into traditional stocks.  My stock picks right now are still Twitter and Roku.  I own a lot of Roku but I don't have any Twitter.  Do you know why I think Twitter is the best?  When Facebook was down, you probably checked Twitter to see what was going on.

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