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Gold is a safer store of value than Bitcoin

Gold Coins are best store of value

Gold is the ultimate universal store of value.  There are a few million people that would accept cryptocurrency as payment.  There are several billion that would accept a gold coin if you could prove its authenticity.  If the power goes out, you can still use your gold coins. 

Now here is where it gets interesting.

Let's say you wanted to preserve $20,000 of wealth or value for 20 years.  Here are some choices.

US Currency

Stock Market

The Euro

Gold bullion


Real Estate


Which would you chose?  It is likely that all of them will go up over 100 years.  Bitcoin will need several upgrades to contend with super computers.  Companies will go up in value.  More and more US currency will be printed.

We like gold.  There is no maintenance and no tax on its profit.

I am concerned with safety so I think the safest option is gold.  Put your gold in a safe deposit box and take out an insurance policy against the gold and you have protected $20,000 in value the best way that I know how.  If you can think of a scenario where this isn't the safest preservation of value, please message us with alternatives.  I would be concerned to select Diamonds.  I don't believe their historic value guarantees the future.  You could use watches or other items of value that appreciate, but if you want something that is liquid and where you don't have to pay tax on appreciation, Gold is your metal.

You can walk into a gold dealer with a gold coin and walk out with $1900 and no paperwork.  Where can you do that with Bitcoin?

I believe this is changing as we speak.  El Salvador just made Bitcoin currency.  That means there is a central bank, a police force, and a military that has interests in keeping Bitcoin going.  As more countries accept Bitcoin, it will become impossible to stop.


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