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Goes Up Higher

Goes UP higher

This is one of the most ridiculous tokens I have seen.  The logo looks like Pacman dropping acid.  The basic idea is that the price of the token will rebase every 4 hours and go up by 5%.  The goal is to get it to be pegged to Bitcoin.  It is supposed to keep going up until it hits Bitcoin.  The magical way, they expect to increase the prices is by increasing or reducing the available shares.  If the coin goes up too much, they will increase supply to drive the price down.  If the coin goes down too much they will do the opposite.  I must admit I am a bit confused on what they do.  The price has gone up a lot and as far as I can tell they are reducing shares.  You will need to do your own homework on this one.  It looks like a scam.  I tried about $30 in GUH but I sold it for Cake.  I didn't pay that much attention since it was a small amount.  I am always hoping I might find the next Dogecoin.  I wish I wasn't into crypto in 2017 so I would have bought Doge.  It is still hard to take it seriously knowing it was a tipping coin and essentially had no value and was a joke.

Now joke shit coins like Shiba Inu have bigger market caps than real legit coins.

I just checked and GUH is at $4.00 but I can't tell how many shares exist.  There was apparently 8 million dollars of transactions today.  I want to try and figure out how many wallets its in and take a look at the transactions.  This is one interesting shit coin.

Update to this one.  The price of the coin is now $28.00 so they have figured out a way to keep it going higher.  It looks like the circulation is down to less than 40,000 tokens so I believe that is a lower market cap but I didn't do the math.  Either way, it looks like the coin is able to go up in price but that it probably won't make you any money.  In the end I suspect it will crash in a ball of flames.  It is hard to imagine a coin named Go Up Higher as a valuable world currency.  I have accepted Doge as a legit store of value after years of hating it.  I am not ready to put GUH in the same category.  Doge at least has its own chain.  GUH just hangs out on Binance Smart Chain.

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