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The number one goal of our company is preventing our customers and followers from losing crypto or getting ripped off.  If you find a token that you would like to purchase but you are concerned it might be a scam, feel free to email us for help.  We won't answer you directly because we really want to stay away from giving advice but we will right a blog article about it and research it on your behalf.

For instance if you wanted to know if Matic was real and why it used to be Polygon or if you wanted to know if SafeMars was safe, please send us emails and look for those to be topics on our blog the next day or two.

We have lost crypto 3 times.  We have some crypto stuck in an Incognito wallet that we can't access.  We have about 90 cryptokitties from 2017 that we can't access.  We sent Ethereum to a fake Defi project and earned fake Defi tokens until one day they just took the page down.  We can help you learn from our mistakes so you don't do the dumb things that we did.

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