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How long until big money finds Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain

Hedge funds and banks are starting to experiment with Bitcoin and Ethereum.  Are they also experimenting with HECO, Solana, Tron, and BSC?  There is still a lot of money to be made in yields swapping.  The more that is added to Defi the more money there will be to be made.

I believe that the United States and probably the whole world is going to experience inflation like we have never seen in our lifetimes.  I never thought I would need to wait in line for bread and toilet paper and then Covid came and Trade Joes made us wait in line for bread and toilet paper.

I don't have very high expectations of our world governments.  They are primarily moving from crisis to crisis and never get a chance to get ahead.  If you go to Home Depot or buy food, you know that things have been going up in price.  If you build houses, you know that 2x4s are sky-high and so is steel hardware.

Next year cars are going to be more expensive and new homes are going to be ridiculous.  The supply chain is so messed up that the cost of shipping a container of goods from China to Chicago has gone up from $6000 to $21000.  The exact same service as a year ago.  They are just charging triple because they can.  There is so much demand for container space that they can charge triple and they are getting it.

That triple container cost is going to hit stores like Walmart and Home Depot a lot but not necessarily in a bad way.  Their costs will go up.  They will raise their prices and they will make more money.  The problem is that if you didn't get a raise, you aren't making enough to keep up with the cost of inflation.

So basically the world's supply chain is pretty messed up and inflation is everywhere around us.  Interest rates are almost zero.  Where should you put your money?  Well, I think the best option is still compounding Cake.  I know it has taken a big hit the past few weeks.  I am waiting for a couple of whales to buy a few million shares.  Once some liquidity is removed, the price could skyrocket.  There is just too much available in the pool.

As the rates for the pool drop, more people will be staking their Cake which should create less coins floating around.  It is hard to see how the coin won't go up with such a limited supply and one of the best yields for a non shit coin.

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