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Ellipal Titan Review

Ellipal Hardware Wallet Review

Update 6/10/2021

It turned out that I was not using the right file to try and update.  I was using the unzipped folder rather than the zipped file.  Ellipal customer service was able to determine that from the pictures I sent so Kudos to customer service.  I replaced the folder with the correct file and double checked that it had the correct name.  I tried the update following the exact procedure provided on the Ellipal website and still nothing.  For fun I tried to do an update without the magnetic dongle attached and no SD card and I got the same error of version 2.9.1 being able for update.  Something is still not right and I really want to get this to work.  This will be my first wallet that natively hooks into Huobi Eco Chain and I really want to learn more about HECO.  I emailed customer service again explaining my continued issue and I have high confidence they will continue working with me until its resolved.

Update 6/9/2021

I received a very nice email from Ellipal customer service explaining what I needed to do to update the firmware.  They responded very quickly which is an excellent sign.  They said if I still can't get it working that I should send a video and they will try to help me figure out the problem.  I may not have the wallet working yet, but I am very excited that Ellipal seems willing to do what it takes to make a customer happy.  I will keep you posted as I try to update the firmware again.  Pancakeswap here I come.

The Ellipal is a pretty cool device.  It acts as a true cold storage wallet by using QR codes and cameras.  You don't connect the Ellipal Titan to your computer.  You download an app on your phone and then use the phone to conduct send transactions.  You can use the device by itself to receive since it will show the code for your wallet if you press the button.  I assume it won't know when you get any coins because it isn't attached to anything.  You need the app to do most anything.

I wanted to try the wallet with Binance Chain but the firmware is not current.  The update process is a little complicated.  I need to get a micro SD card and format it with Fat32 and then download the update from the Ellipal website.  I need to attach the sd drive to the device and then conduct an update.  This is not my favorite way of updating.  There is a usb cord and I am sure they can make it so that you can do the update from the Internet.  Since you are getting the file from the Internet, you are already willing to tolerate some level of risk.  I think I would be willing to tolerate slightly more for the convenience.

My package came from Amazon and there were no seals or holograms on the package.  It could have been opened, repacked and resold and I would never know it.  I prefer to see a safety seal and some other kind of safety mechanism. 

The plastic looked official and I had to open it, but I have worked retail and I know that it is very simple to replastic a returned piece of hardware.

It is a day later and we are still not able to get the Ellipal working right.  We tried to do the update so that we would have access to Heco chain and Bincance Smart Chain.  We formatted our fat boot disk.  Whenever we try to do the update it says that it sees 2.9.1 and not 2.9.5.  We need .5 in order to do pancake swap and hold BEP20 tokens.

The IO device isn't that secure.  It comes off pretty easily when you are using it.  I suggest you keep the device lying down on a flat surface charging and be very careful when touching it to do the update so that the IO device doesn't come loose.

This will not be the winner for which device do I stake Pancake.  At this time, we do not carry the Ellipal.  We recommend the Safepal over Ellipal at this time.  I am updating my safe pal right now to try out the new firmware and see how easy it is to use with Binance Chain and maybe if I am lucky I will have access to Heco chain too.

As soon as we get our Ellipal updated to 2.9.5 and have Binance Smart Chain and Heco Chain working we will update our review.  In the meantime, we suggest Safepal for BSC and Huobi wallet for Heco Chain using the Mdex Bridge.

I have tried numerous times to update the Ellipal to the newest firmware.  So far Safepal and Ellipal with updated firmware are the only wallets that natively support BSC and Pancake Swap.  I formatted the mini SD card in fat 32 and added the file but for some reason the Ellipal doesn't recognize the firmware as 2.9.5.

Its a few days later and I still haven't gotten the Ellipal to work.  I sent an email to customer service for help.  If they help me and we figure it out, I will post the results so that you can feel confident buying an Ellipal.  I really want this thing to work.  It is very cool.  It has a great large screen.


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