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Ellipal TItan is planning to make us their US Distributor

Elipal Titan comes in Gold and Silver


ELLIPAL TITAN is a new generation hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. Using QR code technology, ELLIPAL has developed a system that allows to efficiently transfer private keys and validate transactions without any connection. This not only increases practicality and portability, but also enhances security.
Without any connection, ELLIPAL is completely isolated from all networks and devices (air-gapping) making hacking or information theft impossible. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Hong Kong, and thanks to the success of the first version of the hardware wallet, it recently launched on the market the new TITAN version, even more resistant and secure.

Ellipal Titan and Bitcoin Safety are in discussion about Bitcoin Safety becoming an authorized dealer.  We are very excited for the opportunity.  I actually already own an Ellipal from a few months ago.  Before I place the order, I want to make sure that I fully understand the Ellipal Titan Hardware Wallet in case anyone has a question.

Right now I have it charging.  The wallet has 4 little metal electrodes on the bottom that connect to a plastic extension piece.  The plastic piece holds the sd ram drive and also the micro USB female.

I have it plugged into my MacBook Air to attempt to charge and then I will need to figure out what app I need to use or how I get it online.  If I recall, it has a camera and uses QR for its connection.  The battery is only at 1% and it was showing a green charging sign.  Now the sign is gone.  I bet it went back down to zero.  Still not enough juice to power the little guy on.

The wallet itself is one of the most durable feeling of all.  It feels kind of like a really well built phone and its the size of an iPhone from like 8 years ago.  I haven't powered it on in a while so I don't recall exactly what it looks like turned on.

I have been going wallet by wallet getting everything current.  I am planning to take my crypto all out of Centralized Exchanges and out of software wallets.  I am not much of a trader.  I am a staker, a miner, and a long term holder.  My goal is to have no crypto transactions in 2022 so I won't have to pay any gains tax.  I want to just hold and take loans off my Bitcoin. 

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