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Doomsday Preppers should move to Bitcoin

If the Zombie Apocalypse comes paper money is going to be worthless.  Gold is probably going to be worthless to because you can't eat it or make a good weapon out of it.  Steel will be valuable.  Electricity will be valuable.  Gasoline will be valuable, Food will be valuable.  Medicine will be valuable.  Weapons will be valuable.  Our society will be able to survive with some free wifi and Bitcoin.  Who wants to lug pounds of gold?  Its not realistic and its not safe.  Who wants to be stuck with a paper currency if gold goes to a million dollars during hyperinflation?

The safest asset right now is probably Bitcoin.  It is the easiest to protect in cold storage.  It is the most liquid.  It has the most nodes, it has the most wallet holders.  It is the most accepted by institutions. etc etc etc.

Having $10,000 of paper currency will be worthless if you go to the store and it costs $20,000 for bread.  Do you know who will have that $20,000 for a loaf of bread?  The crypto millionaire that survived the hyperinflation by holding an asset that had a fixed amount.  In this scenario gold would go up too, but who wants to spend 1 ounce gold coins to buy bread.

If your bomb shelter doesn't have a computer mining crypto, you are missing out on one of your best chances to increase survival rate.  You have seen all the futuristic movies where people trade credits and buy thing for credits.  That is like using Bitcoin.  One day everyone's value will be stored on the blockchain and now is as good of a time as any to get involved.  There is a chance that our blockchain could survive forever so by doing a transaction in Bitcoin you are making your mark on the world transaction record for generations and 1000s of years to come.

If you go with Bitcoin instead of Gold, you are betting that humanity survives the apocalypse.  What are you going to do with gold other than trade it for food, shelter, entertainment, transportation.  Gold doesn't provide any inherent value to the owner other than what it can be traded for.  It is a store of value that is very heavy and  easy to steal.

Bitcoin is a store of value that is a little harder to steal and much easier to transport around the world or from bunker to bunker or from bunker to store.  If there are generators, there will be wifi, and it might not have as many nodes but the decentralized web will stay up as will Bitcoin and most of the big alts.

In summation, I think that anyone who has a shelter or canned food to prepare for the apocalypses should also hold Bitcoin and use a hardware wallet.  Just saying.  Also maybe a Glock 9 rev 4.

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