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D'CENT wallet adds Heco Chain

I am so excited to see that D'Cent has added Heco Chain.  I really want to learn about Heco and see if they have anything like Pancake Swap.  If they plan to attract people they are going to need crazy yields at first.  I am interested about Heco because it seems like a clone of Binance Smart Chain by the second biggest trading company.  I can't see why it would fail when they have so much to gain by making the HT token as popular as BNB.

I hope that they start giving HT away to lure early adopters to switch over.  Until today I didn't have a wallet I wanted to use with Heco.  Now I do.  I wonder how I am going to get Cake from the Smart Chain over to Heco Chain as HT.  There must be a bridge.  Maybe the wallet has one built in.  We will report back after we update the firmware and try out some Heco.

It looks like a major  Dex anyswap.  Let me check out the yields.  I went to anyswap and then for farming it send you to other dapps.  I ended up on Makiswap which did appear to have nice yields but it was a bunch of crazy coins that I had never heard and when I checked the liquidity in the pools, it was pretty shallow.

I will start to take a better look at Heco now that I have good access.  If the yield are only good with small amounts staked, it won't be able to compete with Smart Chain.  They need to throw some ridiculous yields to get me to come over and write good things about it.

Still liking Cake, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.  Oh and of course Twitter now that I wrote the Twitter article yesterday where I declared Twitter the most undervalued company in the world.

We are in the middle of upgrading the wallet firmware as I type.  It took a little longer than expected.  It appeared that I didn't have the most current version of the bridge that allows the PC to talk to the device.  I had to update the bridge and then I was able to get the firmware to update.  It only works with the Chrome browser so make sure you are using chrome and keep in mind that you will need to update your bridge too.  If you have the bridge open it will ask you if you want to close it and you need to say yes or it will stop the update.  I answered no twice not actually reading the message.

Still waiting.  It seems like it will end up being about a ten minute process including my mistakes.  The wallet connects to your PC or mac using micro USB.  We are not the biggest fans of Micro.  We much prefer USB C which is now the gold standard for usb devices.  USB C parts are a lot more expensive so one could assume this was a step to keep costs down and it doesn't really matter.

99 percent and almost done.  HECO chain is just within my reach.  We are now all setup but it looks like I will need my iOS app to continue exploring.

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