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D'Cent Crypto Hardware Wallet Review

We opened up our first D'CENT crypto wallet yesterday and we were so excited to see how many features it has.  Here is our initial thoughts on the product.  We are an authorized dealer of D'CENT and we have wallets in stock and ready to ship.  We will continue updating this review as we learn more about the amazing product.  We have about 10 in stock so don't wait too long.
D'Cent Crypto Hardware Wallet with fingerprint reader built in.

We were very excited to take out the D'Cent hardware wallet today.  It came in nice packaging and had seals on both sides of the box that said you can't return if these seals are broken.  It looked like you might be able to take them off an put them back on but I didn't try.  

Dcent hardware crypto wallet from South Korea

I was shocked by how much smaller the wallet was compared to what I thought it would look like in my head.  I thought it would be the size of a phone and it was tiny.

D'Cent Crypto Hardware Wallet

I needed to update the firmware.  This was pretty easy but I wasn't able to do it on my Mac so I am glad that I have all kinds of computers and wires setup to do these tests.  I updated the firmware which took a few minutes and now we are ready to go.  It appears to be able to access Dapps and Binance Chain and Ethereum Dapps.  It does not appear that you can use the hardware wallet with the Dapps.  They have a software wallet and a credit card style wallet and I think you can only use the Dapps for the software.  So this doesn't necessarily win our Pancake Swap challenge it is one of the fastest and most secure hardware wallets that we carry.  This product comes from South Korea and uses a fingerprint and a pass code to unlock the device.

South Korean Crypto Hardware Wallet

You also get a 24 word recovery phrase that is universal and will let you access your multi coin wallet with other wallet providers.  We are highly impressed with the DCent.  It is being rated right up there with Safepal.  Safepal is the only wallet I am using so that is a very high compliment.  Once I figure out how to access Defi, I will update our review.  In the meantime, feel comfortable purchasing this awesome piece of Korean hardware.  You will eventually have all the features you want.

24 word recovery phrase for Dcent Crypto Hardware Wallet

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