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Crytocurrency Marketing Curve Dao and Patents

Ethereum Max is proof that a worthless crypto can have a huge market cap quickly if they pay off celebrities like Kim Kardashian.  I don't usually have a problem with the Kardashians but this upsets me.  Kim has no business giving financial advise.  Many of her followers are probably going to buy the coin and lose money.  I don't think Floyd Mayweather cares if his fans lose money, but I kind of thought Kim cared about her fans.  If not because she actually cares but because that is how she makes all of her money.  Recommending Ethereum Max without any knowledge seems to show a real problem coming.

This gets me into my rant about Curve Dao.  Right now they are trying to figure out if they have intellectual property and if they can defend it.  In my opinion, they can't enforce shit.  Once you put your code on GitHub even an idiot like me can fork it.

Should Uniswap sue Sushiswap and Pancakeswap?  No

Like the title of this article it is all going to come down to marketing.  Curve is awesome and provides a lot of valuable to the Defi community but they need to keep innovating.  Look at Uniswap, they are already on V3 and the difference between each version is very significant.

How would Curve sue?  In what country?  How would anything be enforced?  This isn't the United States anymore.  This is blockchain.  Everything is public.  If you want people to use your Dex, your CEX or your Dao, you better offer a better product and better service.

The days of filing a patent and keeping everyone else away from a good idea for decades is gone.  Blockchain killed the patent.  Its only a matter of time before all of the world's shared information is made public on the blockchain.  The main issue will be figuring what is true and what is false when we are flooded with too much info.

Curve has first move advantage.  They just need to innovate and now worry about anyone copying their contracts.  If they hide their contracts, no one will trust them.  Fintech is going to be public information and if you can't handle that you should be working in a different industry.  Hey Curve, its time to share!

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