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Crypto Wallet Testing

crypto hardware wallet testing

For every crypto wallet brand and variation that we sell, we test at least one unit.  We have every wire you can imagine.  We have current macs and old macs.  We have win 10 pcs and win 7 pcs.  We have iphones and lots and lots of wallets.

We want to understand how each one works.  We want to try out the firmware upgrades and the beta software to see where we think our customers might get stuck.  If you notice, we don't carry every single wallet brand.  We carry a lot but we haven't figured out how to use every one of them properly yet.  We are still working on getting Cobo, Ellipal, and Kasse working exactly as we would like.  As of today, we are unable to get the Kasse to work without turning off our Anti Virus software.  I will eventually get a computer that I can safely turn off the antivirus and fully test the Kasse.  It would be impossible for us to reccomend the wallet since it only works with a PC and I can't get the PC software to install.  If someone from Kasse is reading this, please contact me with help so I can update my readers.  Until we feel comfortable with those brands, we are going to keep testing internally.

Testing is how we discovered all of the awesome extra features that the D'Cent wallet had.  We weren't sure that it did Defi and as we learned last night, it should most definitely be able to do such.  We are mostly focused on wallet brands that offer unique features and lots of safety.  A long history like Ledger, Trezor, and Ballet help too.

Here is a pic of our wallet test center.  As you can see it is just a bunch of opened wallets and cords.  Right now we are testing Safepal S1 and others to see exactly how to use them with Pancake Swap and Uniswap.

Right now we think that having access to Binance and Ethereum is very important but we also expect Polygon and Heco Chain to become very important in the up and coming months.  We haven't figured out Matic yet.  We hope to get that worked out in the next few weeks.

Our next challenge in our crypto wallet testing is finding a good software wallet and hardware wallet that works with the Huobi Eco Chain.  We believe that Huobi, Mdex, and Heco Chain are going to become big players in the Defi maket.  Huobi is the second biggest exchange after Binance and I see no reason why Huobi can't fork Ethereum and do the exact same thing as Binance.  I think the HT token is going to follow the pat of BNB.

Right now Heco is really new and hard to access.  I have tried the Huobi wallet and I messed up using the bridge.  I bought HT but I bought wrapped HT on the Ethereum network when I wanted it on the Heco network.

I just read that Trezor and Ledger work with the Heco Chain so i will be evaluating that in the next few days and seeing if I can get it setup.  For the yield farmers out there, its time to get ready to make money off Heco as BNB yields begin to wane.

We have reached a new phase of our wallet testing.  We are reaching out to tech support for help getting our last two wallets up and running.  We are still not able to update the Ellipal and we have not been able to get the Kasse working because of virus warnings from our computer.  We just sent very polite emails to both companies asking for help and we hope they get back to us.  As soon as they do and assuming they are able to resolve our problems we will adjust our reviews.

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