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Crypto Punks are going to be worth over a million dollars

Crypto Punks will soon be above a million dollars.  There are only 10,000 of them.  There are only 3100 wallets that own one.  It is the most elite digital asset in the world.  There are more seats at a Lakers game.  Every year, more and more people will learn how to use wallets and Ethereum.  Right now, there are very few people in the world who even know how to buy a crypto punk.  For those that don't know, it is actually quite different than buying anything else.

You need to download the Metamask browser and install it.  Once you have it installed, you need to setup your digital Ethereum wallet.  Confused yet?  From there, you need to get some Ethereum and put it in your wallet.  You need at least a quarter of a million dollars so it might take a while using Moon Pay and charging $2500 on your credit card.  Let's assume you figured out how to get the money.  Now you need to send it to your Metamask Ethereum Wallet.

Once you have your 80 Eth in your wallet, you are going to go to

and you are going to connect your crypto wallet to the webpage.  If you have never done this before, it is pretty scary to give a web page access to 250 thousand dollars.  OK, now you need to go to a punk that is for sale and buy it.  You will need money for the transaction and you will need a few hundred additional of Ether so that you can pay the transaction fee.  Most other NFTs, you can buy on OpenSea which is the number one reseller of big name NFTs like Bored Ape.  I wonder why crypto punks aren't there.  I bet it is to save transaction fees.  Let me look it up.  It appears that the Crypto Punks do not meet the ERC-721 standard.

There is a website called where you can entere your Crypto Punk NFT into a smart contract that allows you to sell it on OpenSea and then the buyer can unwrap it but I don't really see the benefit of doing that compared to just attached your wallet to the Larva Labs website.

Since Crypto Punks are not ERC compliant, I wonder if they work with Twitter Blue or any of the other future social accounts that will verify your wallet. While the Crypto Punk may be the white whale of most collectors, it is a pain in the ass to purchase because you are forced to use Metamask and I don't personally use Metamask for large purchases.

If you want something a bit easier, you can use a credit card on OpenSea for small purchases and you can buy Bored Apes on there if you have the ability to get some Ethereum.  Bored Apes give you the right to use it and make money.  Crypto Punks don't.  Over time, we will see which retains more value.

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