Recovery Seed Backup Devices is now mainstream

Crypto is now mainstream.  How do I know?  Well I can watch a commercial of Matt Damon telling me I am bold as I buy tickets to see something at stadium.  Matt Damon is the pinnacle of telling me about boldness.  He was after all the genius in that movie with Mork and Less talented Batman.  Defi is going to get much bigger soon as companies like invent easy bridges to get you off their platform and into their defi.  Cronos is very easy to use but there are not many things to do on it.  Eventually, they will give people grants to port their products over.  Crypto rewards the most volume of trading which will artificially create trade volume.  Between their marketing and trading strategies I think Crypto will get as big as Binance.  Kucoin needs to start marketing if it wants to become a big player in the home market.  Kucoin offers the most ridiculous things to by of all the exchanges I have tried.  You can loan money and borrow money.  You can use 10x leverage on options and 100x on futures.  You will need to verify your account and not be in the states for 100x futures but you can do almost anything else.

When Logan Paul stops boxes and starts collecting NFTs, it is time to notice.  You may or may not like reality celebrities or Youtube celebs but they are definitely highly intelligent individuals.  It is not easy to maintain a reputation online or even in real life.  To get people to watch you over and over doing stupid shit, there must be something special about you.  Everyone can do dumb shit but why not everyone knows how to produce the content and drive traffic.  Those are very difficult skills.  There are a lot of one hit wonders on Youtube but a guy like Logan Paul has been there for a while now and has a huge following.  If he likes Crypto and NFTs you better believe some of his followers will start liking them too and join the same NFT groups as their hero.

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