Recovery Seed Backup Devices or Coinbase? Which one should I trust?

Matt Damon an vs Coinbase Pro | Who wins?

Coinbase is a US company registered in the United States that trades publicly.  They have so much regulation to follow that it would be very difficult for them to do a rug pull of any sort.  They have been around since 2013 and they have never had their software compromised.  Coinbase did have about 6000 customer fall prey to a phishing email but that doesn't fault Coinbase.  Coinbase is regulated by the United States SEC which is our Securities and Exchange Commission.  I am sure there are lots of corrupt people in this world, but when it comes to regulation, I think the SEC does a pretty good job.  If the SEC let them go public then I feel safe with them.

Now when it comes to, I don't feel quite as safe.  They are not US based.  They are based in Singapore and in general, I feel good about companies that follow the laws of Singapore.  If they cane you for spitting out gum, I imagine the penalty for embezzlement or anything funky is probably pretty steep.  You can lose your money, go to jail, and possibly get flogged in public.

I don't think a exec is going to risk it for the short term.

There are a few advantages to  You can use their service to buy gift cards.  You can stake CRO token and earn interest.  They have their own Defi network called Cronos and you can move your CRO coin to Cronos and start investing in DEFI.  With Coinbase there are several more steps and you would be able to easily work with Ethereum.

I use both accounts.  After Crypto started building stadiums, naming stadiums, and paying Matt Damon, I decided to give them a try.  Unless they have a way to make your order more complex, the system for buy and sell is very similar to doing a decentralized swap.  I was not able to figure out how to set a limit order.  I don't think they give you the best prices.

Overall, I trust Coinbase more and if I decided to keep some money in an exchange for a while and feel safe, I would use Coinbase.  I have accounts with Kucoin, Kraken,, Binance USA, Coinbase, and Coinbase Pro so its not my only option.  My second choice would probably be Kraken.  I have been using Kraken and Coinbase since 2017.

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