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CRYO Crypto Seed Storage - Stainless Steel Wallet Review

Cryo Seed Backup Device for Cryptocurrency

I ordered this one off of Amazon because I wanted to check it out. It looked kind of awkward on Amazon but its a wallet related product so I needed to buy it and test it.  I thought it was much bigger for some reason.  It is actually pretty tiny which is a good thing.  Who wants a giant heavy device.

I was first impressed by the packaging.  It has one of the best looking boxes in the industry.  It open from the top and appears to have a magnetic close.  In theory it will just get thrown away.  I don't think most people care about packaging for a seed recovery device but it does make a nice presentation.

The hole maker that it comes with is good but not one of the best ones that we have used.  We have a favorite.  We prefer the Neico 5' center hole punch.  Check out the big center part on the handle.  It makes it so much easier to punch.

The device consists of 4 rectagular plates that all have holes in the corners.  The plates are attached with bolts that attach to each other.  The outer plates are plain and keep your words private and then the inner plates can be marked on both sides so that you can get 24 words on them.

I haven't tried to put my words on the device yet, but I imagine it will go the same as using a Steelwallet or similar other brand.  There is no way to lock the device so if anyone finds it, they can open it up pretty quickly.  You will want to keep this in a safe deposit box or a safe.

We recommend the product and I think someone could probably make some small alterations to make this lockable.  You could put a small padlock through two of the holes or possibly use a metal wire to keep it shut.

We would consider carrying the product if the wholesale price allowed a profit.  With a retail of $50, there probably isn't enough room for us to distribute.

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