Recovery Seed Backup Devices review

If you have a Coinbase account it is really easy to setup a Cointracker account.  I am not sure but they seem to be the same company.  The service is OK but they limit you on how many transactions they will cover and they charge a premium each year to put together your tax documents.  I went 8 transactions over in 2020 so I will need to buy a higher tier package to get my tax data.

The software works with most major exchanges but not all.  It also works with Ethereum based wallets.  I think it may be able to do other chains but I am not positive.

I assume there is better software out there, but I am not aware.  There is some awesome Defi software that I have been using that if you sign in with your wallet it can tell you where all of your money is staked and what your daily yield is.  I will need to get the link and post it back here.

If anyone has good software that can handle thousands of transactions, please email me.  Cointracker is OK but there should be better out there.

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